Facilities and Equipment

Our facility houses a fully equipped fitness center, aquatic center, and treatment area to meet the wide range of needs and activity levels of our patients.

Fitness Center

Our physical therapists utilize various types of exercise equipment to improve overall fitness — including coordination, agility, mobility, strength, and flexibility — to help patients attain functional independence or improve athletic performance.

Our extensive fitness center offers:

  • Cardiovascular equipment
  • Traditional strength training machines and free weights
  • Functional training equipment such as stability balls and bands
  • A stretching station
  • An area with specialized equipment to help improve your golf swing, including a hitting area and Dynamic Balance System
  • The very latest innovative rehabilitation, training and fitness methods

Aquatic Center

The facility's full aquatic rehabilitation program can help everyone from injured young soccer players to senior citizens. The 20-foot-long pool provides opportunities for quicker, more effective physical therapy treatment and sports rehabilitation, often with less discomfort.

For example, a patient with an ankle sprain or back problem who has difficulty moving in a weight-bearing environment can start treatment in the aquatic center. High-performance athletes needing rehabilitation from an injury can perform sports-specific exercises prior to trying to duplicate the movements on land.

Treatment Area

Adjacent to the fitness center is a treatment area where patients can receive the following therapies:

  • ASTM (Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization): This hands-on, deep-tissue mobilization technique can be instrumental in the treatment of repetitive strain injuries such as tendonitis
  • Ultrasound: This treatment uses sound waves to create healing heat that soothes muscles, joints, and tendons and increases flexibility. 
  • Neuromuscular Stimulation: Electrical stimulation applied to an injured area can facilitate muscle contraction, reduce swelling and promote healing.
  • Massage: Massage helps relieve stress and improve blood flow and soft tissue mobility.
  • Laser Therapy: Treatment with a "low-level" laser can help reduce swelling and assist in soft tissue healing.

Other treatment modalities used by BACKtoGOLF include moist heat and ice, taping, iontopheresis (use of a small electric charge to deliver a medication through the skin to an injured area), and warm paraffin for tissue deep heating.