Financial Arrangements

Fees: Our fees are based primarily on the amount of the physical therapist's time involved and the nature of the treatments provided. Because the mailing of statements and collection of accounts has become very costly, we do request that you pay your portion (such as the deductible or co-pay) of the office visit at the time the service is provided, if at all possible. This enables us to avoid paper work that adds to the ultimate cost of our fees. We are happy to discuss fees with you, and we will work with you to determine a mutually acceptable plan of payment if these immediate costs are a burden to you.

Past Due Accounts: We try to give you a reasonable chance of paying your bill over a period of time, if you cannot pay in full at the time the services are provided. If your account becomes past due and you can't pay the bill, please contact us so we can make appropriate arrangements for payment. If your account becomes past due and you have not communicated a valid reason for the delay, we may have to take action to recover any outstanding balances over 90 days. Delinquent accounts may be referred to a collection agency or legal authorities for collection after all other reasonable efforts have failed. A finance charge will be calculated on a periodic rate of 1 to 1.5% per month, which is an annual percentage rate of 18% on any balance not paid within 90 days.