Your First Visit

Your first visit to our facility is extremely important because we gather detailed information that can help guide the course of your therapy. You can help in this process by doing the following:

Please bring medical records and test results relevant to your injury or condition: It is quite helpful and sometimes even absolutely necessary to review your previous medical history in the form of previous medical evaluations, summaries of previous treatments, x-rays, MRIs, or the associated reports. If these are available to you, please bring them to your first visit to our office.

Please be prepared to discuss key points of your medical history: Our initial patient evaluation includes a comprehensive orthopedic evaluation. This includes taking a medical history, followed by a detailed examination. We like to hear from our patients in their own words complete descriptions of all previous medical problems including:

  • When and how your symptoms began
  • What seems to make your symptoms better or worse and what medications and dosages you are taking for your symptoms
  • What previous tests, operations, or treatments have been done for your condition
  • What changes may have occurred in your symptoms in the recent weeks or months

The more reliable and accurate the information you provide to us, the better chance we have of designing an effective treatment program that addresses all of your rehabilitative needs.

Feel free to ask questions after the exam: Once your examination has been completed, we encourage you to ask questions about your injury, the examination, or your treatment plan. We believe strongly that no information should be withheld from our patients and we will try to answer every question and explain every unfamiliar medical term.             

Following your initial visit, we will prepare a complete report and send a copy to your referring physician and any other physicians you choose. Your physical therapy report is strictly confidential and will be released to no one else without your consent.