What Our Patients Say

"When I came to BACKtoGOLF Performance and Fitness, I had already had three lumbar surgeries and was told that nothing else would work. But the staff at BACKtoGOLF Performance and Fitness proved everyone else wrong. I'm now back to work for the first time in two-and-a-half years. BACKtoGOLF Performance and Fitness gave me my life back!"
—S.N., age 39

"I am a professional golfer who thought my career was over. Then I heard about BACKtoGOLF Performance and Fitness and relied on them to ease the pain in my hip and back. Now I'm back on the tour and hitting the ball farther than ever."
—P.G., age 27

"Taking the time to listen, and having the knowledge to repair and strengthen each unique situation, is what sets BACKtoGOLF above all the rest! Having had seven different operations in Ten years, The BACKtoGOLF staff has managed to heal my total body and allow me to function at nearly the level I enjoyed 20 years ago. Thank you."
—G.P., age 50

"I had reconstructive hip surgery the summer before my freshman year of college and was shuffled around to several different physical therapy clinics as I moved from the Peninsula to Sonoma County. My ultimate goal was to play basketball at Sonoma State University but I could not find a clinic that I felt comfortable with and that was attentive to my needs. When I found BACKtoGOLF it was a perfect match. The staff is extremely knowledgeable with a very innovative environment; it was unlike anything I have ever seen before. I truly enjoyed my recovery process and I ended up being able to play two years at Sonoma State. I thank BACKtoGOLF for giving me the tools I needed for a full and very successful recovery!"
 —M.S., age 22

"Just wanted to say thanks, I've had neck problems for years due to an old water ski racing accident. I tried various other alternative therapies, which didn't help, and then after a local physical therapist told me "we aren't helping you go back to your doctor" my doctor suggested, if I didn't mind the drive, to try BACKtoGOLF. Jeff has been great; he showed care and concern, always professional, he carefully assessed my symptoms and has made a world of difference, today the pain and headaches are better and I have full range of motion in my neck. Terrific experience, from the front desk to the treatment areas, nice people who know what they're doing."
—A.H., age 45

"Having been an avid and outstanding golfer for the major part of my life, I was mortified when after my back operation, my doctor informed me that I may never play golf again without a great deal of pain. Or perhaps never play at all. I was referred to BTG by my golf professional and met with them for a consultation. The prognosis was encouraging and a series of treatments started. The extensive knowledge, professionalism and commitment shown by Mark and Jeff soon eliminated all my doubts as well as my pain. I now play golf pain free and have two new life-long friends. I highly recommend BACKtoGOLF to anyone needing physical therapy of any kind!"
—B.D., age 80

"A thousand words could not tell how much BACKtoGOLF has helped me. When a person is hurting whether from surgery, accident or simply growing older, this group of compassionate people makes you feel that they care. They take you and you become part of their family. The expertise and knowledge is there in all that they do, but the best part is they care beyond what they are required to do."
—H.P., age 70

"After having bilateral quadriceps tendon repair surgery, I had to use leg braces and a walker. If I did anything without the leg braces and a walker, my legs would buckle, and I would fall to the floor. I wondered if I would ever be normal again. At my age, 72 at the time of the accident, challenges such as this can be life changing. My orthopedic surgeon suggested that I interview Jeff or Mark at BACKtoGOLF, which I did. I was reassured that with strength building and stretching, I could return to playing golf. When I started physical therapy at BACKtoGOLF, I could not imagine how I would ever be able to get into the pool, without falling down the steps or being lowered mechanically. I made it in, and in no time, I was beginning to regain strength in my legs, knees and lower body. Within a couple of weeks, I moved from the pool to the floor for strength building.

"I very much looked forward to my thrice-weekly visits to BACKtoGOLF. The talented and joyful staff made each workout a challenge and a pleasure. The regimens were never boring routines; they were challenging and always purposeful. When I finished a therapy session at BACKtoGOLF, I knew that my body was stronger and one day closer to full recovery. Today, I am doing almost everything that I was doing before the accident. I attribute this speedy recovery to the wonderful therapy staff, programs and guidance at BACKtoGOLF. Thank you!"
—M.M., age 73

"When I came to BACKtoGOLF with a severe ankle sprain, I thought my soccer season was over. To my surprise I was back playing within a couple of weeks. I couldn't believe the quick recovery and attributed it to the staff at BACKtoGOLF getting me in right away and recognizing that I had a joint subluxation that needed treatment. Thanks for keeping my dream alive."
—E.C., age 17

"During a sporting event I suffered a severe ankle sprain, went to the hospital and was told by the doctors that it would take about three months to properly heal. Being an athlete I was devastated and disappointed, so that is when I decided there must be another way to get back to playing the sport I love. After a few sessions at BACKtoGOLF, I was already noticing results and more range of motion. To my surprise after six weeks, I was able to get back to playing volleyball. Not only did BACKtoGOLF cut my recovery time in half, but they made my time there fun and memorable. I am very thankful for everyone at BACKtoGOLF; it was a blast!"
—C.G., age 16