Golf Performance Program: Experience Your Best Season Yet

Eager to hit the links? Our Golf Performance Programs, at 4-12 sessions, is the perfect way to get in shape and improve your game.

During these eight sessions, we'll look at how you can:

  • Achieve greater balance and power during your swing
  • Develop greater flexibility, range of motion and quality of movement for better results
  • Reduce your risk of injury, based on your personal biomechanical profile

Our evaluations and recommendations are supported by specialized expertise and training in golf biomechanics.

In helping golfers enhance their game, we apply our extensive personal experience as golfers, our expertise in sports performance, and tools such as:

  • Biomechanical Swing Analysis
  • Dynamic Balance Assessment
  • Soft Tissue/Joint Mobilization to improve mobility that could be creating pain or limitations
  • Various golf training aids

Our Golf Performance Program is an inexpensive way to regain that athletic edge and get you ready to play in top form your first day back on the course.